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Clay Mud Masques


Bentonite and Sea Clay have been used for centuries in skin care in varying cultures because of their exfoliating, detoxifying, and oil absorption properties! Bijoux's Basket has taken these cosmetic favorites and put an ethnobotanical and modern twist on them!

Two options are available:

La Terre Clay Mud Masque
A blend of bentonite clay and marshmallow root powder works together to extract any form of impurities from your skin while enhancing the texture and shine and preventing acne and blemishes. This recipe is mineral packed from calcium and copper to magnesium and potassium.

La Mer Clay Mud Masque
A blend of sea clay and marshmallow root powder working together in a gentle manner to detoxify your skin and enrich it with minerals such as dolomite, calcium, and manganese. This clay has a more green appearance and the one specifically used in this product comes from France.


Fill the container lid 3/4 of the way full of the clay powder mixture and then add your liquid mixture slowly until you achieve the mud texture desired. Apply to face and let sit for NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. Rinse off and wash face with a Bijoux's Basket MarshMallow Face Mask & Wash or another natural face cleanser. Rinse and dry cap thoroughly when finished before replacing over product.

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