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LUMIÉRE Shimmering Body Butters

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Available in Soleil 24K, Diamant, Fleur, Rouille, & Terre

Your favorite body butter just got lit!....LITERALLY!

You can now get your favorite recipes with a new twist that still heals and prevents blemishes and damages while promoting healthy skin that will have you GLOWING LIKE A GAWDESS✨

For a subtle glow I would suggest Soleil 24K

For an INTENSE glow I suggest Diamant💎

Body Butter Selections:

Sheameful Bliss - a coconut and lavender recipe made to soften

•Coconut Ganaché- a dark cacao recipe made to enhance radiance

•Lemon Peel- a lemon , eucalyptus, and avocado recipe to help clarify skin of blemishes. Also great in the summer time as a great natural bug repellent.

•High Thyme- a hemp and burdock recipe made to heal dry cracked skin and/or eczema while sealing in moisture

•Tahitian Spice- a spicy vanilla blend that will enhance radiance and protect against free radicals and UV damage.

•Sugared Blossom- a sweet floral scent that will nourish dry skin and leave a pleasant scent behind

•Amber Zeal- an earthy and ethereal aphrodisiac scented blend that will leave your skin glistening from within and as soft as clouds.

REGULAR-4 ounce
SMALL-2 ounce

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