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Bijoux's Basket body butters are handmade with all cruelty free, organic, nontoxic ingredients. Here are the offered recipes !

High Thyme Recipe
Body acne? Eczema? Severe dry skin? Hemp oil has been used in many recipes for healing and preventing skin ailments for centuries and in many cultures. Blended together with these herbs with beneficial skin properties and creamy and moisturizing west African shea butter this body butter recipe is sure to prove satisfactory in making your skin look and feel as radiant as your soul!

Coconut Ganaché Recipe
This delicious and yummy smelling body butter is what you need after your bath or shower with the accompanying Coconut Ganaché Foaming Bath Butter! Chocolate contains what is known in the scientific world as flavonols. These antioxidants in this body butter will help promote elasticity and fight free radicals! The radiance promoting properties of chocolate combined with the ultra moisturizing lushness of coconut oil proves to be extremely effective in evenly toning and moisturizing the skin. One click away from creamy and sweet treat for your royal skin. Get yours today!

Lemon Peel Recipe
Feeling dreary? Need a pick me up to start your day? Before you run for your energy drink or coffee, try the Lemon Peel Body Butter after the royal showertime pleasures of th accompanying Lemon Peel Bath Butter! This citrusy blend serves as an energy boost for your mind while revitalizing and nourishing your skin with the lightweight oils from the coconut and the avocado! Soothing and aromatic, this recipe is full round therapeutic and moisturizing!

Sheameful Bliss Recipe

A creamy and silky smooth body butter that is a blend of lavender infused shea butter,lavender essential oil, and coconut oil whipped together to keep your skin looking good and vibrant and feeling even better! With lavender working to be a power herb that is beneficial for clearing acne , promotion of blood circulation, pain relief and more you will surely understand the name of this yummy goodie!

Amber Zeal Recipe

A luscious blend of shea butter, babassu oil, and noncomedogenic oils blended with all natural amber resin and kissed with notes of bergamot and french lavender for a tantalizing and seductive scent. A delicious combination to have your skin as soft as the clouds in the heavens.

Tahitian Spice Recipe

Tahitian Vanilla Bean and spices originating from the eastern hemisphere? This natural phenolic acid and nutrient packed blend will not only have your skin glowing , but will keep it glowing! The deep penetrating oils and the aromatherapeutic spices and herb oils will have you and any one close in a state of pure serenity. You'll smell amazing too! :)

Sugared Blossom Recipe

The perfect blend for the summer! Light, crisp, and fresh does not even begin to explain this yummy treat reminiscent of the well known cherry blossom trees. Supremely hydrating & vitamin packed, this is the perfect product to grab when you are having a day out in the sun and need to moisturize, yet protect your skin! The antioxidant nature of the oils of this recipe protect against UV damage!

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