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Bijoux's Basket bath, or soap butters are an unconventional approach to natural soaps! This luxurious and rich texture will leave you feeling soft to touch when you get out of the shower or bath, so soft that you'll need only the smallest amount of your accompanying Bijoux's Basket Body Butter (if that!) to have your skin radiating all day!

Apply as much as desired on to washcloth, loofa, or pouf. Lather wash and repeat, BUT SAVE WATER!❤️

High Thyme Recipe
Body acne? Eczema? Severe dry skin? Hemp oil has been used in many recipes for healing and preventing skin ailments for centuries and in many cultures. Blended together with these herbs with beneficial skin properties and creamy and moisturizing west African shea butter this bath and shower soap recipe is sure to prove satisfactory in making your skin look and feel as radiant as your soul!

Lemon Peel Recipe
Feeling dreary? Need a pick me up to start your day? Before you run for your energy drink or coffee, try thIs yummy recipe. This citrusy blend serves as an energy boost for your mind while revitalizing and nourishing your skin with the lightweight oils from the coconut and the avocado! Soothing and aromatic, this recipe is full round therapeutic and cleansing internally and externally.

Sheameful Bliss Recipe
A luxurious blend of shea nut and coconut oil infused with lavender flowers mixed together to this smooth and moisture rich soap! The essential oil along with infused benefits can be aroma therapeutic and skin clarifying as well. Apply to pouf, washcloth, or hand, lather up and enjoy the bliss that is just so decadent it must be shea-meful

Coconut Ganaché Recipe
This delicious and yummy smelling soap is a treat at bath and shower time! The radiance promoting properties of chocolate combined with the ultra moisturizing lather of coconut oil proves to be extremely effective in evening and moisturizing the skin. Chocolate contains what is known in the scientific world as flavonols. These antioxidants in this wash will help promote elasticity and fight free radicals! You know what that means? BYE, BYE BLEMISHES! One click away from steamy,sweet, and delightful relaxation! Get yours today!

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