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Marshmallow Face Mask & Washes


Bijoux's Basket Marshmallow Face Wash & Masks are one of a kind in the skin care game! The raw active ingredients are traditional, ecological species that have demonstrated their efficacy for centuries in varying cultures. Bijoux's Basket Marshmallow Masks are proven to be gentle enough for all skin and are concocted to heal scars and current blemishes, prevent and protect the skin from free radicals and bacteria, cancerous UV damage, and pore clogging oil buildup. These recipes can serve as a quick wash or can be applied as a mask anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 hours with no harsh effects!

Heart of Hibiscus
This recipe is great for sensitive skin! The gentle acids serve as a base exfoliator and is paired with antioxidant herbs and flowers that will boost radiance and softness of your skin! Hibiscus is the star of this concoction because along with exfoliation it helps lighten dark spots, organically enhances elasticity, and has natural anti-aging properties!

Mellow Mallow
This Omega 3 packed recipe highlights hemp as its active star! This blend is great for those that suffer with dry skin and are in serious need of toning! This deep exfoliating recipe is packed full of vitamins and anti bacterial and UV fighting natural acids that will systematically fight and defeat acne for good!

Creme' Masks ( Coco and Menthe )
Bijoux's Basket antioxidant packed Creme' Marshmallow Masks are not heavy exfoliators such as the latter, but are specifically crafted to cleanse skin, prevent any blemishes, and to fixate your organic glow! The natural flavonoid found in chocolate enhance radiance by increasing blood flow to the skin surface which in turns pushes cell regeneration keeping your skin glowing naturally and as smooth as ever! The difference between the Creme' masks is to get the oil balancing recipe of Creme' De Menthe or the moisture sustaining Creme' De Coco'

ingredients: marshmallow root, burdock, calendula, hibiscus, bergamot, eucalyptus, peppermint, chocolate, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, Rosemary, saponified oil soap mixture.

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