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Herb Infused Oils


Bijoux's Basket infuses all of our own volatile oils with our carrier oils and create blends that are gentle enough for full body application but effective enough to enrich and nourish all hair types! Mix with a small amount of water and create your own herbal magical spray OR just apply as desired!


CoCoLavè Herb Infused Oil

Crushed Lavender and rich coconut oil? What more can your scalp ask for ? Try this herb infused oil that will deep condition your hair from the root to the ends leaving nothing but lush,silky, and shiny hair behind! Lightly scented and lightweight! Effective before and after washing.

Sensitive Formula

A minty, herb infused oil mash up that fights against dandruff, dry scalp, promotes strength and shine, and stimulates blood circulation to enhance organic growth which always stems from a healthy scalp! A normal formula that can be used daily or as sparingly as needed.

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