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Image of Visage Gel Mask Set

Visage Gel Mask Set


Two gel masks paired together for those combination skin types that suffer from differing skin ailments due to hormonal or environmental changes!


CHARBON BLACKHEAD ELIMINATOR for deep cleansing of bacteria, toxins, dirt, and chemicals from skin surface through absorption, aloe vera for soothing pores as blackheads are eliminated, lemongrass to cleanse and minimize pores, and cinnamon for a light, antibacterial mechanical exfoliation that tones and promotes wrinkle free skin!

GREEN TEA GLYCOLIC DETOX MASK has paired the power of matcha with the benefits of AHAs , specifically glycolic acid! With this hand crafted recipe, clarify, exfoliate, tone, and detoxify your skin to a blissful state of clear, smooth, glowing skin healed of whiteheads and hyperpigmentation.

Image of Day & Night Toner Kit
Day & Night Toner Kit
Image of Bijoux’s Moisture Kit
Bijoux’s Moisture Kit
$48.00 — Sold out
Image of LISSE Repair & Rejuvenation Treatment
LISSE Repair & Rejuvenation Treatment
Image of FÉLICITIÉ Face & Body Collection
FÉLICITIÉ Face & Body Collection
Image of Royale Set
Royale Set
Image of Swagger Set
Swagger Set
Image of Gaia Loc Set
Gaia Loc Set
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